Decorating with Yellow

October 27th, 2023

Why should you use yellow paint in your home? Well, this bright and sunny hue is the most uplifting colour and is guaranteed to make the gloomiest days seem that little bit brighter. Here are some of our favourite yellow paint colours from Albany and advice on how you can use yellow in your home!

Mild Mustard 

A gentler, yellow hue for an optimistically comforting feel.

Yellow is the perfect colour for encouraging creativity as well as making a room feel warm and inviting. It can be used in craft rooms, kitchens and kids’ rooms for a joyous space. It can also be used as an accent colour in smaller, darker spaces to bring more of a glow.


A bold yellow designed to inject energy into a space.

This bright yellow would work well in north facing rooms where the natural light is cooler. If you do not want to paint entire walls in yellow, consider painting window recesses, trim or furniture in yellow to brighten the space.

Desert Glow 

An earthy yellow with red undertones.

Using an earthy yellow is a great way to create a cosy and inviting space that still has sunshine at its core. Perfect for snugs and bedrooms, you won’t ever want to leave the space!

Camel Sand

An earthy yellow with warm undertones that will add coziness.

A darker earthy yellow works beautifully with natural materials such as timber, hessian and cottons. Paired with botanical shades such as an olive green creates a much more muted version of yellow.

Grab your sample pots here, or head into your local Brewers.