Wilderie, An Extraordinary Collaboration By Emma J Shipley and Clarke & Clarke

April 28th, 2020

Emma J Shipley is a British artist and designer who studied at the Royal College of Art, and has always had a love of nature and a fascination with mixing imagination and reality. She combines her love of nature with the joys of travel, to create her designs; which mix a sense of maximalism with grafitti and tattoo styling and anatomically detailed hand drawn artwork.

Emma’s designs always contain abstract detail, linking so many themes together and this new collection continues with its mix of uncharted lands of curious creatures inspired by myths and legends and wild animals like Gorilla, Elephant, Zebra, Lion and Giraffe. You really need to look closely at these wallpapers and fabrics, to see everything that is there and then when you take a step or two back, the patterns almost magically become more classic-like damask and trailing wallpaper designs. Add to this a dazzling palette of colours and the addition of metallic inks and this amazing new collection is every bit as wonderful and wild as the first.

The Wilderie collection, along with thousands of other wallpapers, is available at your local Brewers Decorator Centre.

Wild: Living in a state of nature

Reverie: A daydream

Emma J Shipley at Clarke & Clarke

Founded in 1999, Clarke & Clarke has established itself as one of the global leaders in the home furnishings market, bringing both wallpaper collections and fabrics in a range of innovative designs and collaborations with artists, the most recent being Emma J Shipley.

Following on from the success of the designs in her first collection Animalia; here is an introduction to her latest collection ‘Wilderie’!

As seen in the Spring/Summer edition of the wallpaperdirect magazine. To see more trends and the latest in wallcoverings click here.