Helping to Refresh Eastbourne Sea Cadets

September 11th, 2021

Brewers were only too happy to help with the renovation part of the Eastbourne Sea Cadets’ building, which has been unchanged since it was built in 1962! The bathrooms in the building required total refurbishment, and a range of decorating materials were needed to complete the project. Former Sea Cadet and Area Development Manager for the South East Tony Guarino provided them with the top advice plus the paint and decorating materials they needed to get the work done:

10L of mould resistant White Emulsion for the ceilings

30L of Pacific Blue Scrubbable Emulsion for the walls

5L of Chelsea Blue Gloss for the doors 

10L of Primer/Undercoat

5L of Brilliant White Gloss for the door frames 

5L of Undercoat 

White spirit 

Fine surface filler

Eastbourne Sea Cadets give young people a chance to grow and develop into young adults in a safe and friendly environment. Teamwork, respect, loyalty, self-confidence, commitment, self-discipline, and honesty are just some of the values the Cadets gain through a wide range of activities and adventures. Sailing, rock climbing and wind surfing are a few examples of the type of activities the Eastbourne Sea Cadets can enjoy!

Unfortunately, the Cadets have been unable to participate in regular activities in the past year, but virtual training and online events have helped them to stay in touch with each other. Now, the Cadets have been able to go back to some level of normalcy, but the lack of fundraising events meant the community had to pull together to achieve the refurbishment works. Local plumbing and electrical merchants were happy to provide some materials to make the project doable and Brewers’ contribution meant that the project is now complete and looking great!

Brewers have been long term supporters of our unit and we are extremely grateful for the donation of decorating materials for our recent rearrangement of the Heads.

Our role is to enable young people to learn fundamental life skills through nautical adventure. Many of our young people are from socio economically deprived backgrounds, who would never dream of ever taking part in such sports as these, for a nominal contribution.

Our headquarters are a safe haven for physical and mental wellbeing, and we welcome people from all walks of life. Our outlet for young people saves lives in the short and long term and offers opportunity for activities and adventure that they would not access from family or school.

Our trained instructors are volunteers themselves who generally have day jobs and families of their own. Like the cadets, the volunteers acquire accredited qualifications too enabling them and others to change career and have more vocational prospects."

"Our aim is to give equal opportunity to all, to enable these young people to gain social and communication skills that will make them good citizens for the life ahead of them. 

Sea Cadets are a Charity, we do not receive funding from the Navy or the MOD, so this support is greatly valued. Many thanks to the Directors and Staff at Brewers.

Michael R Jones, Chairperson UMC, TS Eastbourne Sea Cadets

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