Sewing Angels Provides PPE to Vital NHS Workers

August 21st, 2020

‘Whilst making the masks you have to sew them inside out, turn them to the right side and push out the corners. I found the paint stirrer the ideal tool (clean one of course)! ’

Pauline Allbutt
Volunteer for The Love of Scrubs, Birmingham

For the Love of Scrubs is a countrywide group made up of volunteer sewists donating their time and skills in order to create vital PPE for NHS workers. 

There has been a massive shortage of PPE since the Coronavirus began, so the initiative was set up to try and combat this. Their goal is to ensure all PPE requests from NHS workers across the country are met; which has required a nationwide effort as a collective, needing an enormous amount of organisation, time and community kindness.

The initiative now has a series of regionalised sub-groups due to the vast number of volunteers and PPE requests. For the Love of Scrubs Birmingham focus their efforts on helping the NHS Birmingham based medical practices, hospitals, care homes and wider who are on the list willing to accept their donations.

As this is a massive undertaking, the sewing angels have been resourceful in finding items that may be of use in the PPE making process. One volunteer discovered that her Brewers paint stirrer given to her at the P&D show last year was the best tool to achieve perfect corners when turning out masks!

Brewers arranged for 500 paint stirrers to be distributed to the volunteers in their fabric packs. Chanel Morrison-Jolley is the co-ordinator for the Birmingham group, and will be organising the distribution of these packs to the wonderful volunteers donating their time and effort for such a worthy initiative. The group have also received support from Heart of England, BVSC, ASDA and the Lord Mayor, as well as public donations.

Pauline Allbutt commented, "I have an account with Brewers and my son and I have visited the National Painting & Decorating show at the Ricoh Arena for ideas for his business. Whilst making the masks for the NHS you have to sew them inside out turn them to the right side and push out the corners. I found the paint stirrer the ideal tool (clean one of course)!"

To find out more about For The Love of Scrubs and how you can help, please click here.