Magical Murals with Albany

September 3rd, 2021

Stephanie Staunton has made many murals with magic at the heart of them. We got in touch to find out a bit more about the creative genius behind the paintbrush!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m 33 years old and live in the Kent countryside. I’ve always been Disney and art obsessed. I’m a celebrity manicurist by trade and work on set most of the time, doing nails for movie, tv, magazines and music videos. I’ve been painting nails, art designs and drawing since I was around 4-5yrs old. I used to paint tiny pebbles.

How many murals have you created?

I’ve created 5 murals so far and probably about 40 other smaller painted items. My main job can be quite demanding, so I do them in my spare time. I love each one so much and listen to Disney music while painting them.

What was your main inspiration behind the murals?

My stepdad has been a big encouragement. He works for Brewers so I’m in the paint shop often. I’ve always loved painting and painted a box for my partners goddaughter. They then asked if I’d be able to paint the bedroom wall. It ended up becoming the biggest mural I’ve ever done.

How long has each mural taken you?

They take anything from 45hrs to 200hrs. I’m always finding little bits I can add. I could honestly go forever. Even the largest mural I still see it and think, Peter Pan could go there, oh that needs some more shells. I have to reign it in.

Have you used Albany for any other projects?

I use Albany for children’s toy boxes, pebble paper weights, framed art, and keepsake boxes too. 

Why do you use Albany paint?

The huge range of colours and the smooth texture make great backgrounds and layers. I use acrylic paint for tiny details, but it sits so great over Albany. 

What responses have you received from your projects?

It’s been really great, I get a lot of lovely comments, people seem really happy to see the work. I also get a few requests now. I did an autism safe space for a little boy recently and it made him so excited he had to sit down for a minute. His baby sister was crawling up to Winnie the Pooh and kissing him. Just fills you with warmth to see so much joy coming from something I’ve painted. I’ve also been booked by a pop star for a nursery room too. Here’s to the next generation of Disney fans!

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