The Rise Of The Paint Sprayer

April 16th, 2024

Spray Machines have taken the decorating world by storm in recent years, with many decorators choosing to down their traditional tools in favour of something that sets their decorating apart from the rest…but what is all the fuss about? Here we delve into paint spraying and why it might be the very thing you need for your business.

Redefining Efficiency In The Industry:

It’s no secret that with a paint sprayer, you can cover a much larger area than a traditional brush or roller in a fraction of the time. This allows you to cover extensive areas with ease including large domestic properties or even larger commercial premises. 

Paint sprayers evenly distribute paint as well, reducing the need to spend time creating an even coat with a brush or roller. What could take hours with a brush would take a paint sprayer minutes to achieve.

This is also likely to attract customers. Knowing that they can enjoy a refreshed space in a fraction of the time would greatly increase the likelihood of a new client.

Let’s Talk Money:

Time equals money, so if you’re saving time with a paint sprayer, you’re also keeping costs down. An efficient application process allows for more jobs to be completed, which in turn increases your revenue. 

With everybody feeling the pinch in today’s climate, the money you can save with paint spraying can be passed onto your customers, giving you a competitive edge with even more earning potential.

But isn’t paint spraying costly?

Yes, it is an investment that’s for sure. However, paint sprayers have been designed to stand the test of time, using durable materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure you only buy once. 

When calculating return on investment, you need to consider how much you save in time and labour costs as well as the scope of jobs you can now take on with spraying equipment. You might find that the machine pays for itself in just a few jobs.

You can also help increase the longevity of your machine with regular maintenance. Machines should be professionally serviced at least once a year (much like a car) to maintain operational performance. Our service partner will replace consumable parts such filters and seals (specifics differ by machine) and recommend any remedial work that may cause an issue in the future. Ask in store for more details.

Masking up and spraying:

It’s true that you do have to spend more time masking up, but this will reduce once you become more confident with a paint sprayer. There is also a fantastic range of masking products on the market that will make the process 10x easier. You can read more about masking up before paint spraying here>>

Becoming The Gold Standard In Decorating

As a nation, we love great service. Don’t underestimate the value great service can add to your business and how this service can be enhanced when using spray machines. They can mean less time spent on site, noise reduction, odour reduction and avoids the general upheaval decorating can cause clients.

If you have a spray machine, turn this into a unique selling point for your business, highlighting the benefits of spray to your customers and allow them to see the incredible service you can provide them. 

The world of paint spraying can seem daunting, so Brewers are here to help you every step of the way. Head into your local Brewers Decorator Centre or get in touch with one of our dedicated team on 01323 576101 to find out how we can support you and your business.