Masonry Paint

September 22nd, 2023

When it comes to decorating the exterior of a property, it is crucial the correct products are chosen. Using a trade quality masonry paint will lead to the best results and here's Joe to explain why!

Why should you use trade masonry paint?

Masonry paint is specifically formulated for exterior bricks, stone and render and also withstands the elements. Smooth Masonry Paint is easy to clean and perfect for rough surfaces such as pebbledash. 

Textured Masonry Paint is more appropriate for older properties which may have cracks or imperfections. It is also important to consider where the property is located as houses by the sea for example may need better protection. 

All Weather Masonry Paint

If you're looking to paint the exterior of a house in the winter months, there are a range of masonry products that are suitable. Pliolite Masonry Paint or Zinsser All Weather can be used in more extreme conditions, whilst also providing a beautiful finish.

What is Pliolite Masonry Paint?

Pliolite is a synthetic acrylic rubber coating. When it's dry, it behaves like a skin on your property; stretching and contracting with the surface to ensure moisture can’t get into any cracks its covered. 

It can be applied in damp conditions and is quick drying, giving almost immediate protection, saving you valuable time and can be applied all year round.

Silicate Masonry Paint

Silicate or Silicone Masonry Paint is a water-based product and creates a highly breathable finish. This allows any water or moisture inside the walls of the building to escape, reducing the risk of damp and long term problems. The durable finish also creates high weather resistance.

What masonry paint should I use for imperfect walls?

Small cracks in render can let in moisture which then freezes and expands, resulting in larger cracks and potentially costly and unsightly repairs. To combat small cracks in render, use a flexible masonry coating such as Bedec Extra-Flex Masonry paint which allows for movement.

Friable, dusty render can seriously undermine any top coat, causing a loss of adhesion and ultimately failure. Use a coating such as Sandtex Trade Stabilising Solution to stabilise the surface before painting.

Algae and lichen give an unsightly appearance to render which over painting alone will not cure. Use an anti-fungal product such as Albany Fungicidal Wash to prevent and eradicate the growth of algae and lichen from most masonry surfaces. 

The full range of masonry products can be found here. If you need further advice, see our problem solver.