Problem Solver - Water Ingress


Is caused on unsound exterior brickwork or render where the surface has broken down, allowing water to penetrate the surface and spread. Correct the cause of the water ingress first and allow to dry out thoroughly.


Stage 1 - Preparation

Dry brush the surface down using a stiff bristle brush to remove any loose materials

Brewers recommends:

Wash down to remove any surface contaminants

If painting, check for cracks or areas of blown render where water could penetrate such as behind downpipes and gutters and make good.

Brewers recommends:

Stage 2 - Topcoat

If leaving as bare brick, check the pointing and surface is sound, otherwise make good and if leaving bare, treat with a suitable silicone water protection.

Brewers recommends:

If bare, but intending to paint, if surface is sound apply a suitable Masonry paint to manufactures recommendations. Usually thinning the first coat, allowing to dry and then applying a second un-thinned coat.