Problem Solver - Lime Plaster


Lime plaster is type of plaster composed of sand, water, and lime, usually non-hydraulic hydrated lime (also known as slaked lime, high calcium lime or air lime) Non-hydraulic lime plaster can also be made to set faster by adding small quantities of gypsum plaster.


Stage 1 - Preparation

Dry brush the surface down using a stiff bristle brush to remove any loose materials

If any mould or mildew is apparent, treat with a suitable fungicidal solution, rinse again with clean water and allow to dry.

Depending on surface substrate check condition and carry out any remedial works required to make sound

Stage 2 - Topcoat

Once the surface is clean and all loose material has been removed, paint with a limewash if that is the finish required.

Or apply an appropriate breathable topcoat and allow to dry, followed by a 2nd coat to finish.