Problem Solver - Ceramic tiles


Painting a ceramic tiled area including the grout between the tiles


Stage 1 - Preparation

Wash surface down with detergent or sugar soap

Brewers recommends:

If any mould or mildew is apparent, treat with a suitable fungicidal solution, rinse again with clean water and allow to dry.

Brewers recommends:
  • Albany Fungicidal Wash 1L
    - A 1 litre concentrated multi surface treatment to prevent the growth of surface mould on timber and masonry

Replace any defective or loose tiles and re-grout where required

Brewers recommends:

Stage 2 - Basecoat

Apply suitable etching / multi surface primer to the surface by brush. Allow to dry

Brewers recommends:

Stage 3 - Topcoat

Apply a hardwearing topcoat such as satin or gloss – 2 coats.

Brewers recommends: