Problem Solver - Cedar


Cedar is unusual wood to treat, normally it is left to weather naturally as it goes silverish and just weathers naturally and last a long time, this is one of the reasons it was and is still used on Church roofs etc.


Stage 1 - Preparation

Ensure surface is sound dry and clean

If any mould or mildew is apparent, treat with a suitable fungicidal solution, rinse again with clean water and allow to dry.

Brewers recommends:
  • Albany Fungicidal Wash 1L
    - A 1 litre concentrated multi surface treatment to prevent the growth of surface mould on timber and masonry

Abrade with 100 grit abrasive paper to remove any loose or flaking areas and to create a key

Stage 2 - Basecoat

Once the surface is clean and all loose material has been removed, treat with a suitable primer and allow to dry or for a translucent finish use a suitable woodstain.

Brewers recommends: